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You know how the story goes…
It all started with two friends (aka superwomen)…

Omega-3 Essential Oils


These superwomen come with a host of you guessed it… super-powers (Deb’s infamous gluten free chocolate cake not-withstanding).


Rae is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She has an impressive resume that includes start-up brick and mortar boutiques to working with the large consortium and .com companies. Rae LOVES relationship selling and thrives on mentoring those who “hate to sell” to learn to love it! She is always up for a conversation and loves a strong cup of coffee any time of the day! She is a proud mama to three incredible boys… and she wants to leave a legacy of kindness and an impact on those she serves.

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Deb is a powerhouse! Debbie has over 20 years of experience working as a heavy equipment operator. She loves the outdoors and would be a great “first pick” in any survivalist challenge. Her friends would tell you that she has a passion for helping others.. and it shows in her private coaching practice. Debbie never backs down from a challenge and is a lifelong learner (she is often attending virtual conferences at 2 am all around the world so she can share more knowledge with her team). She gets fired up at the opportunity to go fishing and at the chance to share products that make big differences in your health…. And THAT is precisely how the magic of the “Omega Revolution” was born – a company committed to making waves in the direct marketing world by delivering genuine customer service at every step through their innovative product lines and business practices this is the story of how it all began…

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The Omega Revolution

the proof is in the pudding results

  • it is only day 2 using the Balance Oil. I have chronic spondylitis in my neck and spine. I can't believe how I have no pain, it's like a miracle for me!

    The Omega Revolution

    Diane K Member

  • I suffered a concussion 6 years ago and have battled severe migraines ever since. I average 1-2 migraines per week. I have been taking the BalanceOil for 8 weeks now with only 1 headache! It's hard to believe.

    Omega-3 Essential Oils

    Cale N 17 Year old Hockey Player

  • The Skin Serum really works for me! I started using the serum 6 weeks ago and it has already reduced fine lines and wrinkles and I experience an improvement of the overall quality of my skin. I am very happy about the result so far.

    Omega-3 Essential Oils

    Melisa Pomero User of the Skin Serum